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In-Depth Analysis:

Skin analyser delves deep into both superficial and deeper layers of the skin, assessing UV damage, pigmentation, sensitivity, acne, collagen production, wrinkles, skin tone, hydration, and more.

Visual Demonstration:

Highlights problem areas directly on a touchscreen interface

Educational & Relatable:

I can show you precisely how and where treatments and products will work on their skin.

In addition to a discussion, receive a comprehensive report on which treatments will give you the best results.

Duration 45 mins
Cost £50


Duration 45 mins
Cost £50


Body Bonito is proud to be a verified member of Cosmed check

So what is this?

The idea of cosmedicheck came about eight years ago, and through a Medispa clinic, we’ve established ten years, we were seeing more and more clients come in who had had bad experiences or adverse effects or weren’t quite happy with the level of service they’d received before.

So Cosmedicheck is a platform designed for both professionals and patients, where professionals can show that they’re verified in safe practice and potential clients or patients can go on there and have the peace of mind that the professionals on the platform are who they say they are. They can complete the services which they say they can, and they’re vetted and checked to make the industry a safer place.


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