LED Low Level Light Therapy

The benefits of Low level Light Therapy are being far more recognised  for their anti ageing/anti bacterial / anti inflammatory and calming effects on the skin.
Low Level Light Therapy  or light therapy as its more commonly known is suitable for all ages. Perfect for those teenagers undergoing skin changes such as overactive sebaceous glands (oily skin), blocked pores, pustules and acne. Also fantastic for ageing, tired skin. often coupled with other anti ageing treatments such as Microneedling, Glycolic peels or CACI.

LED Low Level Light Therapy is a dome shape device to offer a safe distance to the face and avoiding the risk of cross contamination. Ideal for clients who may be claustrophobic.

Perfect following any slightly invasive skin treatment to reduce unwanted inflammation. Or perfect as a standalone treatment modality to improve all skin types and skin conditions such as. Please call to arrange a free consultation where by  a tailored treatment programme, can be created to suit your requirements.


Red Light

Wavelength: 640 nm
Skin Penetration Depth: 1-6mm
• Calming
• Promotion of skin cell regeneration
• Promotion of blood circulation
• Pain Relief
• Increase uptake of active ingredients

Blue Light

Wavelength: 423 nm
Skin Penetration Depth: 1mm
• Destruction of acne bacteria
• Inhibition of sebaceous glands
• Prevention of wound infection
• Reduction of skin breakouts

Green Light

Wavelength: 532 nm
Skin Penetration Depth: 0.5-2mm
• Soothing
• Improves sensitive skin
• Balancing mind and body
• Pigmentation

Yellow Light

Wavelength: 583 nm
Skin Penetration Depth: 1-2mm
• Relief of redness and erythema
• Relief of shingles in early stages